January 23, 2010

54. Pears #3

These Pears are much brighter than the previous two. I went a little easy on the reds last time, but decided to make the colors pop out this time. I needed all this color after so many of those cloudy snow scenes with no color whatsoever :) It was in direct contrast to the previous painting, and was much more fun! I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Pears #3
Pears #3
Acrylics on board, 5 * 7 inches
© Nithya Swaminathan

As it is, I suck with titles for paintings. And when a series of the same subject goes on and on to a point where I lose track of how many have been done, coming up with titles for each is impossible! Hence I have stopped even trying to name them :) Let me have your feedback on this one.


  1. Hi Nitya, how about a title like " Two Fat Ladies.." like they call out in tombola

  2. Thank you Shobha! Nice title :) I get too bored thinking of titles especially when doing a series of a dozen paintings! Thank you :)


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