January 6, 2010

36. Cotton Candy

I love winter and how beautiful the landscape looks in winter. Even without snow, there is something very appealing about the barren trees and the muted landscape. In my opinion, it is even more a visual treat than fall. If only the weather wasn't so hopeless, I'd stroll around clicking everything that I could lay my eyes on!

Cotton candy

Cotton Candy
Acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas, 5 * 7 inches
© Nithya Swaminathan

On the 2nd of Jan, we woke up to a complete white cover all around. The New Year started with so much snow that we were quite thrilled to see it. My daughter loves to play in the snow, make snowballs, run around leaving deep footprints and all that. So we just went for a walk and clicked some pictures of the snow. This painting is from a garden in one of the pretty houses along my road. I love to feel fresh powdery snow. And the winter sun shining on the snow was so lovely that it immediately tempted me to a painting!

Snow being such a difficult thing to paint, I am not sure how I did. I am not entirely happy, but I am working on it. Let me know your comments.


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