January 3, 2008

Starting afresh in 2008

I wanted to put this post up on New Year’s Eve, but I could not due to some other work. I am not the kind that makes New Year resolutions, since I know I am lazy to keep it up even for the first week of the year. This time around, things are different. I see that a lot of artists work this way, with a set of defined goals, and they work far more efficiently than I do. So I have decided why not give it a shot. I am randomly noting down the things that I want to do during the year, these are not very ‘specific’ goals, but I would refine them in due course of time. This blog post would also get updated accordingly, and we would have an appraisal at the end of the year! So here goes, all that I want to do this year, only on the art front. I have other goals too, but they are outside the scope of this blog.

Learn – I want to pick up a few art books on composition and design. I completely lack any sense of composition, and have miserably failed in several attempts to come up with my own still life arrangements etc. I want to change that, and I want to learn composition.

Sketch – I want to refine my figure drawing skills, which I think are terrible right now. I can do very good portraits and figures with references, but without a reference, I am lost. I cannot draw something that would remotely seem human. I want to change this by practicing a lot of sketching and probably spending some time on the figure drawing forum at WetCanvas.

Do a series – I want to complete at least 2 different series of paintings. A series is a set of 5 or more paintings on the same subject. I want to see how much I can sustain my interest in a subject, in a painting. These would be at least 16 * 20 in size. I already have a lot of subjects in mind for this, let me see.

Study subjects in detail – I would be studying different subjects, and painting a subject each month. I would reveal the subject for each month at the beginning of the month. I have found that my mind is extremely wandering and cannot keep at any particular thing beyond a couple of days. This has often resulted in cases where I begin paintings with great zeal and abandon them midway due to lack of interest. I want to overcome this, and have consciously made this a written goal for the year. It is a very remote possibility that I would study 12 subjects, but I’d be happy even if I do 5. It would be ideal if I can combine this with the previous point and do series as and when I study subjects, but I never know.

Art Business – I am an absolute beginner when it comes to the business side of art, but I want to improve. I want to learn marketing skills and market myself better. That obviously means improving a LOT on the art itself, making more saleable stuff. I hope to improve on both fronts.

Paint for myself – I have two paintings that I have been planning forever - a self portrait and a portrait of my daughter. I am listing this here so that I know I need to make time for it and get them done by the year end.

Maintain my blog and website - I want to maintain my blog regularly, by posting at least thrice a week. My website would be updated every month or so.

I think this is enough for now. I have these written down and I will be sharing with my readers as and when I cross each one out. Wish you all a very happy New Year.

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