January 15, 2010

47. Back to the Pears

I was working on some snow landscapes yesterday, and they were kind of driving me crazy. I did not want to pick up the smallest brushes and nitpick with details, but thats what I am tempted to do. It is like an instinct, I just use the smallest brush when it comes to buildings or any other details. I did finish a painting but trashed it in the end! So much for all the nitpicking!

Pear #1

Acrylics on board, 5 * 7 inches
© Nithya Swaminathan

So wanted to loosen up today, and decided to paint a familiar subject. All too familiar aren't they? Do you remember these pears from about 6 months ago? I was real quick on this one, just iicked up a big 1.5 inch flattie, and did this in less than 45 minutes. I decided to stop it when it reached a decent shape, with flaws and all that. It was awesome to paint that way. I really needed this to get back into rhythm!

Oh yeah, I have a lot more of the same pears coming up. This time, I have cropped them much closer than what I did last time. Generally, I do not crop images in a way that a part of an object gets pruned. This time I have experimented a bit and come up with some different crops. I hope the compositions work. Stay tuned for more fruits :-)


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