January 2, 2010

28. Waterlily #2

Yet another waterlily. Same as the last one, this too is on a black gessoed surface. I am really enjoying painting on black, and I like this one better than the previous one. I think after a long long time I have not used red in my paintings! When I see all of my recent work, the red just jumps out at me :-) Let me know what you think.

Waterlily #2
Acrylics on board, 5 * 7 inches
Copyright Nithya Swaminathan

1 comment:

  1. Swell Nithya! The lily looks so good along with the water spills! You are in my bloglines for a long time and i love your posts...and i loved the way Bonnie painted you in all Christmas cheer...the cutest smile!


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