September 24, 2010

I am back!

It's been a couple of weeks since I returned from my freaking awesome vacation in Chennai. Did I mention already it was my sister's wedding? Unbelievable that she's already married for a month now! My brother (cousin) also got married earlier this month. It was so hectic with two weddings and one wedding reception and a lot more related festivities, and we hardly had any time to breathe. It was however great fun to meet the entire extended family and spend good time with everyone after quite some time.

Now back to work. I am experimenting different stuff with Wordpress and seeing how best it can be leveraged to build a full fleged art website - with the portfolio, blog and everything else together under one roof. I will be writing in detail about it. There are a lot of wordpress related posts that I wish to write about, and do not worry I will not make it a technical overdose. If any artist is contemplating a switch of blogging platform or any major changes to the website, my posts would be of help to them. Of course, you can always write to me with any stuff that I can help you with.

I am also toying with some project ideas but do not have a very clear idea as of now. Will keep you updated on what I plan next on the painting front. Stay tuned :)

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