May 2, 2011

Video of paintings in March and April 2011

Here'd the video of my paintings in March and April 2011. Both these months I was tied up with a huge workload in my day job and painting did take a backseat. And whatever time I had for painting was taken up in doing my website and so on. However, I did manage quite a few pieces and surprise surprise, I was happy with most. 

Now I could churn out 50 paintings in a month and think they all suck. Or I could paint 20 above average ones. I think I now prefer the latter. And yes, as always I have a dozen works in progress in the studio. 

It is remarkable that I have painted quite a few landscapes these past two months. Thanks to all my plein air adventures, all about which you can read here and here. Hope you enjoy the paintings, do share the video with your friends if you like it! :)

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