February 28, 2010

Virtual Paintout - San Francisco Bay Area

The Virtual Paintout for this month is the San Francisco Bay Area. The Virtual Paintout blog is a year old now, and Bill has decided that we will paint the Bay Area as a tribute to Google for the first anniversary.:)

Now I have never been to SFO, and the only idea of SFO that I have is from the paintings of Karin Jurick. I had painted some Victorian houses last year in one of the DSFDF challenges. Karin also had couple of SFO cityscapes for some of the challenges, but I did not participate in them. So instead of looking all over the Bay Area, I restricted my search only to San Francisco City.

Virtual Paintout - SFO
San Francisco Cityscape - A work in progress
© Nithya Swaminathan

As is my usual practice, I spent an obscene amount of time obsessing with Google Street view and took a lot of images. I loved so many images while traveling virtually, but when I looked at them together to select which view to paint, I found all of them rather boring. So I tried various enhancements to the images and then finally decided to paint them with intensely saturated colors. With maximum color saturation, even a mundane cityscape looked quite interesting. This one is not yet complete, but I posted it anyway since today is the deadline. I will be completing this soon and would also paint a few of the other SFO images that I have saved. Only after looking at the image in the monitor, I also realized that there are some tweaks needed too. Stay tuned for the completed painting in a couple of days. Until then, I think I will go back to wishing for Spring with some more flowers.

Check out various views of the Bay Area at the blog. It is a beautiful virtual tour!


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