February 3, 2010

65. Coneflower field

I find these flowers immensely cute and attractive, I LOVE that magenta. Until recently, I did not even know the name of these flowers. While I was hunting for flowers which I thought could be easily done with the knife, I stumbled upon this reference and loved it. I have attempted to optically mix color in this one. There are multiple overlapping strokes of different colors and values, which will give a complete picture when see together. I did not spend time mixing color on the palette. I like how it came together, but I did not manage the darks well. It needs some more shadows.

Coneflower field

Coneflower field
Palette Knife on board, 5 * 7 inches
© Nithya Swaminathan

One thing that I could not pull off was the taper in the petals. When painted with the knife, the petals were rendered with uniform width. I wasn't adept enough to bring about the taper, so the petals look a bit strange.:-)

Quickly learning from the previous tulips painting though, this time I avoided a strong background. Just hinted some greens mildly with the brush, so that the focus is on the flowers.

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