February 3, 2010

63. Awaiting Spring..

Today was a fantastic day, I completed 4 paintings from scratch and am about half way through on 3 more pieces. These will be completed tomorrow. There was a challenge in one of the Wetcanvas forums, with a few floral references, it really gave me a spark and I just went on to paint couple of more pieces outside of those images as well.

Tulip bunch

Bunch of Tulips
Palette Knife on board, 5 * 7 inches
© Nithya Swaminathan

I have been meaning to pick up my palette knife for quite sometime now, and had bought a set of knives a while ago. Got to use them finally, and loved it. I have been way out of touch with my knife and it was quite rusty in the beginning. But slowly I gained control and thoroughly enjoyed myself :)

This one was completed entirely with the knife, I was too tempted to pick up a brush and add some detail on the petals etc. But then chose not to. The shadows on the wall are done with the brush though.

So taking a break from all the gloomy snowscapes, here is a burst of color with the hope that Spring is around the corner. Let me know what you think of these pieces, the new style, color and just about anything!

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