February 4, 2010

71. Dollops

These days when I paint, I close the browser and paint only with my reference image. That way I am not tempted to keep refreshing Twitter/Facebook, check mail a dozen times etc. It keeps me more focused obviously, and the work gets done. And I upload my work (for critiques) only to WetCanvas, and no other place that's meant for hobbyists.


Acrylics on board, 5 * 7 inches
© Nithya Swaminathan

This, is in direct contrast to what I was a couple of years ago. The number of places that I had a "portfolio" was more than the number of paintings I had to display. How jobless is that?! I used to create an id in every other art website, and have bits and pieces of images uploaded across so many places. Now I realize I was out of my mind, and I am in the process of deleting these accounts. And while some of them are easy, many aren't.

I hate it when websites do not allow account deletion as a simple direct process. I had a lousy experience recently with Sulekha, in getting my account removed. It is such a huge and popular website, but does not allow account deletion. Forcing users to retain their accounts is cheap tactics, if you do not want the users to leave, you better provide services that will retain them. Idiots. I had to write to the admin so many times and finally they got it removed. Huh!

Ok, let me stop the ranting. This is a painting of Fuchsia, done with a brush. Again no idea if I could do this with a knife, but I am tempted to try one more with the knife. Soon I guess. This one was challenging in the sense I did not want to make it too detailed, but wanted just enough detail. I also think the white part isn't white enough and looks dull. All that will be set right the next time I tackle these flowers. Meanwhile let me know what you think of this one!


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