December 31, 2010

A year in paintings - a video

Most of my work this year was of course in the 5 by 7 size. 280 of them to be precise. But, I did paint in a lot of bigger sizes too. The dancers are all 16 by 20 inches, the summer observations are about 10 by 12 inches and so on.

The bigger pieces I believe would be a better indication of my style of work, as compared to the smaller ones. The whole year, I have experimented quite a lot with subjects, style, colors and so on. I tried my hand at multi panel pieces and I am quite confident with them now. For someone who painted her first ever floral on the 1st of Jan 2010, they are now my most favorite subject by a mile. I almost completely became a palette knife painter. So many things that happened this year.

Paintings 2010 by Nithya Swaminathan

I have added the paintings in the precise order in which they were done. Hence I would love to hear from you if you see a growth in my work over the course of the year. Do you honestly think that these pieces, when seen together, are coherent in style? Do you see "me" in these pieces? In all of them? Are there pieces that stick out like a sore thumb? I'd love to hear any comments from you, all feedback is most welcome.

And for the record, from the first painting to the last one, I personally feel things have changed for the better. There is some hope after all! Feel free to share this video to anyone who might be interested.:)

And finally, one last and final reminder for my painting giveaway. I am giving away three original paintings as a New Year's gift, to 3 lucky people who have shared my link and left me a comment. And the giveaway ends today. Don't worry too much about the deadline based on your time zone, this is anyway not the first thing that I am going to do in the morning. So you are still most welcome to enter. I also noticed that some people have shared a link but have not left a comment. If you are not interested in receiving a painting but have shared just like that, thank you so much anyway. If you have missed leaving a comment but intended to, please do right away. Thank you so much. Have a fantastic New Year everyone. See you next year!


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