December 5, 2010

New Painting - Bring me some sunshine!

I was tired of the grey and gloomy November that I badly wanted to bring in some color. The sun simply wouldn't show up no matter how hard you prayed, so I had to create my own little piece of sunshine.:) Coming from a city that has nothing called a winter, the winters here are truly a nightmare. I love how the landscape takes a complete turn around and all, but the cold really gets onto me after a while.

But all the cribbing aside, we also managed a short ski trip last weekend with friends. We were chilling out, no freezing in Austria and it was great fun. I had never even seen ski shoes before so it was a completely new experience and good fun. Fell down more number of times than I could count.:)

Bring me some sunshine
16 by 16 inches, Acrylics on Canvas
© Nithya Swaminathan

I wanted to paint something really vibrant, and what better than sun flowers! This is from a reference in WetCanvas and I loved painting it. I am not really happy with the compositions of the individual panels, they don't make sense separately. But since it is meant to be as a whole I guess it is not so bad after all.

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