December 5, 2010

Still life with Hydrangeas - Take two

I had started with my Hydrangeas set up on a white surface and was half way through with them. Meanwhile, it was really weird to be painting on white after a long long time. All through this year I was painting on black, and it was like something was amiss! So I decided to paint the same set up again on black. Not exactly the same, but slightly different. I usually take a lot of snaps of the same setup and compose them later, so the two paintings are from slightly different references.

Still Life with Hydrangeas - take two
12 by 16 inches, Acrylics on Canvas
© Nithya Swaminathan

Instead of just varying the surface alone, I also brought in some changes to the palette. The painting on the white background is done with a warm palette, my usual kind of palette with a lot of reds and browns. This painting on the other hand is done with a much cooler palette. I have gone in for a lot of blues and cooler hues like magenta instead of crimson and so on. It was fun painting both and I like both. If I were to pick one though, I like the previous one better.

I would love to hear from you. Which painting do you like better of the two? All feedback is most welcome!


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