December 24, 2010

Now on YouTube - bookmark it my dear readers!

This was looooong due, and am I mighty glad that I finally overcame my laziness! Since videos are *hugely* popular, maintaining an active YouTube channel has been on my to-do list for so long! And everytime I started working on it, I realized it was very time consuming and would so something else instead. Today somehow I decided that I had to complete it.

A year in paintings, Originals by Nithya Swaminathan, 2010

I am a complete novice with iMovie, and was figuring out things with the help of some how-to videos and stuff. I must say of course that Apple makes it child's play with iMovie, to create videos, add music etc etc. I am yet to explore it fully. I have also wanted to do some demo videos of how exactly I paint. I think it is quite interesting to see an artist at work, coz each one of us is so different from the others. I hope to get that done during the holidays as well. A simple short demo of my working with the palette knife. Let's see.

I have right now uploaded two videos, both only of my floral paintings. It does not contain all the florals done this year though. I have omitted more than 50 of them as they were downright embarrassing. However good or bad the work looks, it is I must say extremely gratifying to see all of them together. And to actually think that I have painted quite a lot during the course of the year.

Original Floral Paintings by Nithya Swaminathan, 2010

Looking at the videos, I think the transition time between pictures is too less, kind of changing in a hurry. Let me know what you think. Any feedback is greatly appreciated as I am a complete beginner. Even feedback about the background music, do you think a voice over would make more sense, and so on! Thanks so much for viewing, and please feel free to share! :)


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