December 23, 2010

Reading by the Lake V - New Oil Painting

Continuing with the reading series of paintings, this one is done with Oils though. Oil paints are much more fun when used with the palette knife, they are much easier to work with than Acrylics. The drawback of course is that they take ages to dry. What with oil paints "normally" taking so long, the paint is so thick with the knife and drying is a never ending process.

Reading by the lake V
Oil on Canvas, 10 by 12 inches
© Nithya Swaminathan

There are some areas that I am not happy with in this painting. Some that I really like too. I am pleased with the overall figure, but the contrast between the guy's nose and the background is very minimal and it is kinda lost somewhere. The background and foreground turned out much better than the Acrylic pieces. I am planning to buy some smaller canvasses and go berserk with oils for a while. I love love love them!

Do you like this one? Better than the ones done with Acrylics? Any comments/feedback? Thank you!


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