December 5, 2010

Reading by the lake - SOLD

Last weekend, I was not in town. We had been on a short ski trip with friends and I had no access to mail. And when I came back to the online world, it was unbelievable to see my painting "Reading by the Lake" was sold. I was thrilled to bits, needless to say.:)

This was one of my favorite pieces from this summer, if not THE favorite. It was a welcome break from the hundreds of florals that I painted, and a scene that I thought captured the essence of summer in this part of the world. I would like to thank my client who bought this painting and I hope he loves it as much as I did.

Reading by the Lake
10 by 10 inches, Acrylics on Canvas

I have shipped my painting to my client and I am waiting with bated breath to hear back from him. I am usually a bundle of nerves in this period between shipping a painting and hearing from the client. I keep wondering all sorts of things - what if the client does not like it in person, what if it doesn't reach in good shape and so on. The list is endless. Anyway, I hope all goes well and I get to hear a positive response soon. :)


  1. congrats Nithya... i am sure it is very special to see ones painting selling :)

    and dont bother... the painting would look nicer in person... i remember the pencilwork of coloured marbles you had done... it looked richer in person than on the blog..

    congrats again..

  2. Thanks a lot Rohit, yes very exciting indeed :)

  3. [...] pieces during the turn of the year. Started this one too during summer actually, soon after the Reading the lake I. I started 4 pieces at once, in similar square canvasses. Unfortunately only one went to completion [...]


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