December 26, 2010

My first painting give away - Welcome 2011!

Why a give away?

Just because I am happy :) If you thought you had enough of giving and sharing with Christmas, how about extending that a wee bit longer? Isn't that exciting? I have wanted to run a painting give away for sometime now, and after mulling over the idea, I decided that the New Years is the perfect time for it. I think it would be great for you too, to start the New Year by receiving a special gift. Isn't it?

2010 has been a great year for me on many counts, and I would love to look back at it fondly. 2009 ended on a lousy note and I was SO looking forward to this year. And it has been a real blessing. At the end of the year, when I look back at all that has happened Artwise and otherwise, I am a very happy and contented person than what I was a year before. And I would love to share that happiness with you, my dear readers. Yes, even if that is just a single digit number of people :P And what better way than sharing a piece of art.

The other reason that I want to do a give away is of course to get more readers and blog subscribers. I share my work on facebook and/or twitter almost every other day, and my blog feed is published on facebook as well, but I am not quite sure how many actually read it.  I could get more people to read now, hopefully.

I have had people on my facebook friend list send me mails asking if I sell anywhere online, if I take up private commissions, if there is a portfolio where they can see all my work together under one roof etc etc. The list is endless. The answer to all these questions is always a "Yes", and it is all right there if you take a moment to drop by my website. Actually you know what, you could buy my art right on Facebook, on my fan page! How cool is that! So when I have published all information and people are still not aware, then I am obviously not networking right and promoting myself well enough. So I hope this is a baby step in that direction, to get more people to be aware of what I do and what I could do for you.


This whole week, till Dec 31st 2010, I will be running a give away and you could participate no matter where in the world you are. On the 1st of Jan 2011, I will draw out 3 names using a random number generator and each of them gets to win a painting of his/her choice. So yes, not only do you have the chance to own an original piece of art, you also get to choose which one. :) So here we go!

Which paintings could you choose from?

Now this is very important isn't it. Though I do paint in sizes upto 3 ft by 3ft (largest so far), for the give away, you get to choose work that measures 5 by 7 inches only. Don't worry, you have nearly 300 paintings to choose from, remember my 300 to 30 project earlier this year? That would include my pears, snowscapes, waterlilies, the million irises, gazillion tulips, poppies, poppy fields, lilies, coneflowers, the Tango dancers and what not! And don't worry, not all of them are trash, I am sure you will find one or two that you like :) In my sidebar here, you will find links to my facebook albums too having all these paintings.

A word about these paintings. Most of them are textured, done with the palette knife, and look three dimensional. All of them are Acrylic paintings and will be shipped varnished, ready to frame. And they will fit into a standard store bought frame. The work will tempt you to touch and feel it, which is very exciting I can assure you. There are non textured pieces as well, the water lilies for instance.

How to participate?

All you have to do is this:

  1. Share a link to my blog/website on Facebook/Twitter/elsewhere. (I wonder if anyone uses any other network other than the two, but still).  Maybe even on your blog.

  2. It would be awesome if you could share the link to this post itself, so that more people could participate in the give away.

  3. Come back and leave a comment here on this post, with the link. If you have tweeted, leave me a link to your tweet so that I count you in for the draw.

  4. And while you leave a comment, also let me know which painting you would like to receive, if you were to win. And why. As in, why do you like that particular piece. The last point is important, otherwise I will choose your art for you :P

  5. If you share separately say on Facebook and Twitter, feel free to leave two links and I will enter your name twice. :)

Was that simple? Thank you so much for your patronage, as always!

This is not the last post for the year by the way, I have at least 3 more paintings coming up. So stay tuned.


  1. Do people visiting Germany within then next 4 months get a painting by default? ;)

  2. How delightful! I'm thrilled at this opportunity! Thank you for your generosity. I posted your link on Facebook right now. Happy New Year!

  3. [...] painting give away is on this week, please do participate. You get to win an original piece of art Check out my post here. Please pass on the word and get as many people as possible to take part. Thank you so [...]

  4. Happy New year! Hope 2011 is even better than 2010. Just posted n your giveaway on my facebook page.

  5. I want photo 32 of 100 in part 2. Sumi and I are going to commission you for a 3ft by 2ft oil on canvas next year. Let me know when you will have the time.

  6. Hey Nits.....tango for me! :)) Up my FB page you are! :)

  7. What a question is that! Of course I have the time, anytime. Write to me about what you want. Thank you.:)

  8. Juhi Jairath ChawlaDecember 28, 2010 at 3:33 AM

    Love your generous of you.I love the bird of paradise!!!Posted it on my fb

  9. Count me in !
    I love to make fotographs of the flowers in my garden and i like your paintings. Especially the waterlilies and the landscpaes with the red flowers.
    I shared this at my FB, but i can't give you the opportunity to see it because of my privacysettings. You just have to take my word for that :-)
    I also link your post at my blog :
    And now : fingers crossed!

  10. Sure, I take your word. :) I am so glad someone has noticed the other paintings than the Tango dancers. :) Thank you!

  11. Definitely the Bird of Paradise...I love most of your Irises too. But if my name gets picked...the Bird of Paradse it is. How wonderful of you to do this. :-))

  12. Sure why not! Not everyone who visits me leaves with a painting, but yeah since you are coming from across the seas and visiting for the first time, why not? :-)

  13. Thank you Lisa. A very happy new year to you too!

  14. Hey Nithya,

    I have shared the link on my facebook account.

    And I would like to be lucky with "Iris #39".


  15. Hi again,

    I want to increase the probability of being lucky and have shared the link on 2nd facebook account - hope this counts as well...

    Would like to go for the same painting - "Iris #39"


  16. Thank you so much Rohit!

  17. Finally someone wants an iris! They're my favorites :) Thank you Rohit.

  18. Nithya, shared a link to this post in FB as well as twitter. :)

  19. I've posted a link on my FaceBook page & my 'art' FaceBook page! Here's a link to my post on the 'art' page...

    I love your waterlilies paintings...especially #2!!!!!!!

  20. Hey Nithya,

    How u doing? So nice to see this.. Would love to have one of ur paintings :)
    Have posted the link on FB.
    A very happy new year to u and chander and of course the little one.


  21. Thank you Nameeta. Nice to hear from you. A very happy New Year to you and the little boys too :) Hope they're keeping you busy!

  22. Hi Nithya,

    I have done my part.. waiting for your part :) Shall go through your gallery some time later and send in my preferred painting of the lot..

    Btw " Very nice" initiative for advertising your work.. Keep it up..
    Wish Chander, Teju and You a wonderful new year :)


  23. Hi Nithya dear,

    I really appreciate your generosity for starting this campaign of giving away 3 of your precious paintings for free, as a gift for the new year! That's truly an amazing thing to do...
    I have shared your blog with my friends and here iswhat I would love to get from your "Part I" paintings and I just love it:
    Winter Sun
    Acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas, 5 * 7 inches

    Wish you, Chander and Teju a very very Happy and Colorful New Year...


  24. hey Nithya,
    Lovely paintings! loved them all, but Bird of paradise caught my eye first!


    Posted a link above on my brand spanking new blog.

  26. I love the beautiful "Original Acrylic Painting - Cardinal in snow"

  27. Thank you Marci. A very happy new year to you!

  28. tweet!/intime111/status/20965242502647808 and love the morning after

  29. Very nice work di.. Posted your link on my page..


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