January 7, 2015

SOLD - 30 Things about me - Day 7

Lemons again!
Oil on board, 6 by 6 inches
30 things about me #7 - I love all things citrus 
I love all things citrussy. My room freshener, car freshener, hand wash, soap and everything else is in a citrus flavour, and mostly lemons. It makes my shopping way easy, I head straight to the aisle with citrus flavoured things and pick up a few. No pick and choose. I love the feeling of instant freshness that it imparts. While cooking too, I squeeze in some lemon juice into a lot of dishes to add a little zing. I guzzle lemon and orange juices too and I don't think I am ever getting tired of it.

The colours in the image are not accurate as I have taken the picture under artificial light. Since I am away the whole day, I will not be able to post a daylit image today. Will get that done over the weekend. Can't believe we are about 25% done already, yay! :)


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