May 17, 2010

Tulip fields - A triptych

I have always wanted to do a diptych or a triptych, never found the courage to. I do believe they can be done with any subject matter if you know how to compose well and pull it off. This time, I did not take these photos with the idea of doing them on a multi panel, but it just fell in place nicely. with very minor tweaks from my collection of photos, I came up with this idea for a triptych.

Before we went to the tulip gardens, we had verified with the tourism website about where exactly to find the fields and things like that. They had mentioned a couple of places nearby the gardens. While we were driving around the gardens, all we could see were really daffodils. Because the winter was so long and cold this year, the bulbs had not yet bloomed fully and only daffodils were seen. They were gorgeous no doubt, but we wanted to see some tulip fields too. And then we decided to try one last time at a different place. And voila! We found this mouth watering stretch of pink tulips adjacent to bright and sunny daffodils. We ended up spending a good couple of hours there taking so many photos. This painting is for those lovely memories of the Dutch spring this year.

Tulip Fields Triptych
Tulip Fields triptych
Palette Knife on board, 7 by 15 inches
© Nithya Swaminathan

Painting this was great fun I should say. Just placed the three boards next to each other and did it as one single painting. Makes me want to do more multi panels, I think some more of my field references will be good enough for this. Let's see. Let me know what you think of this one!

Btw, I am not making these available as individual panels. It is sold only together. I loved painting it like this and am not interested in splitting them :-)


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