May 19, 2010

Discontinuing prints and other reproductions

I have been a member of Imagekind and Redbubble for a long while now, and used to make paintings regularly available in both stores to be sold as prints. I sold one print long time ago in Imagekind, but that was about it. And it has been ages since I have updated the portfolios at either place. The most recent work there dates to over a year back.  I now feel it is better to offer only originals.  Frankly speaking, I am not an artist whose work is priced so high that I have to make prints available at affordable prices. I am barely emerging and just beginning to sell. I think I must focus on getting my originals out there, instead of any form of reproductions. And the other issue is uploading images in more locations than I can count. It honestly begins to get tiring after a point.

I have already deleted my account at RedBubble. Super easy process, no questions asked. I love that! I think I have already cribbed enough about sites that do not offer an option to quit. Redbubble was a no fuss affair. I have to do the same now with Imagekind. Since my website is undergoing some updates anyway, all this will be updated soon.

The main advantage I see is that this way, my buyers know that the piece of art they own is completely unique, one of its kind. Also, since the focus of my work itself has now shifted towards textures, I believe the beauty of the work can be appreciated fully only in an original. Thus I hope it is a win win situation for everyone!


  1. I'm in the same dilemma. Many sites and not enough sales to justify all the time spent. Maybe I'll follow suit and sell just original paintings, or at least, offer MORE originals. I HAVE sold on all my sites, but still, the monetary reward is not significant. The last painting I sold online brought a good price but with the economy down, paintings sales are the first to go.... So it's hard to decide what tack to take.

    Thanks for your honest and informative post. It may help clarify my thinking on the complex business of being an artist!

  2. Thank you for stopping by Lynda. I completely agree about the time spent being not at all proportional to the monetary rewards. In all the time taken to upload and format in a dozen places, we could paint one more!


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