May 11, 2010

Dutch Damsels #27

When I paint with the palette knife, it takes more time to dry than usual and my boards remain wet for a while even with the fast drying Acrylic paints. So I work in parallel with multiple pieces such that when I finish one layer in say 5 boards, my first one is ready for final tweaks. And at any point in time I have about 5 boards around me, all in precarious state. My biggest challenge obviously is to keep my daughter away from all the chaos and make sure that she doesn't mess around with any of the colors.

But then, she isn't a troublemaker all the time. She loves what I do, and enjoys watching me. After all, I have got her a miniature easel, small boards and even plastic knives so that she shares studio space with me :-D When I completed a bunch of tulip paintings and was clicking photos, the little one was so curious and wanted to touch them. She loves to feel the texture of the knife painted ones, and was asking me slowly pointing to each painting one by one if she could touch them. After all this drama was over, she picked a couple of the paintings and said she loved those.:) It made my day! And very sweetly she also said she will have them in her room, and had planted them amidst her toys and books. It looked so cute there! This painting of red and white tulips is one of the privileged ones to be currently occupying my daughter's shelf. Let me know what you think!

Dutch Damsels #27
Dutch Damsels #27
Palette Knife on Canvas, 13 by 18 cms (5 by 7 inches)
© Nithya Swaminathan


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