May 1, 2010

More tulips

These tulips are a little more "open" than tulips usually do. They do not look like tulips at first sight. These are from the flower arrangements at the Keukenhof gardens. These tulips are a very interesting shade of red, somewhat like tomato pink. I started off with some crimson and flesh tint and that was working quite well. Just then, in between these pieces, I was working on a large abstract, and used some metallic red in that one. Metallic red too is one of the W & N colors I picked up recently, and had not used it so far. I thought it would be a darker value red, but then it was very pinkish. So quickly decided to use a bit of that too for these flowers. The metallic color gives a sheen to the petals, gives them that silky feel and looks nice in person. I don't like them much in the photos. Nothing better than playing around with various colors :-)

Dutch Damsels #16
Dutch Damsels #16
Palette Knife on board, 13 by 18 cms
© Nithya Swaminathan

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