May 10, 2010

Dutch Damsels #25

I have been updating the website with all new work over the last few days, and it seems like a never ending task. I just felt I must integrate Paypal directly with the website and blog, instead of redirecting to stores on Etsy or Zibbet. Even with these stores, the main traffic to them I assume must come from my sites only, so I might as well provide the Paypal right here. The biggest pain with my site and blog design is that both run on different platforms, and I want them to be as seamlessly integrated as possible. Involves a lot of tweaking around with templates etc. I must admit that painting a dozen images is easier than finding a wordpress template that I like. Phew! So look forward to some template and site changes over the next couple of weeks.

Dutch Damsels #25
Dutch Damsels #25
Palette Knife on Canvas, 13 by 18 cms (5 by 7 inches)
© Nithya Swaminathan


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