June 6, 2010

Dutch Damsels #34

Though I have google analytics installed and all that, I hardly check it. I don't bother much about page visits and stuff coz I believe my blog is mostly read on Facebook, viz the notes and Networked blogs. So harping about blog visits or SEO doesn't really excite me. I logged into analytics after some ages to find that people have landed in the blog/website via a lot of search queries that I do not use in my tags/titles. So I decided I must use more relevant tags and not just one word tags. That should probably explain the recent use of my name itself as a tag along with more detailed tags.

Dutch Damsels #34
Palette Knife on Canvas, 13 by 18 cms
© Nithya Swaminathan

These tulips are the same as the previous ones, just more in number. Let me know what you think!


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