June 8, 2010

Burgundy Iris - Original Palette Knife painting

All these Iris paintings that I have done so far are from references by others. I had never paid close attention to the flower until this Spring. In fact, florals were just not my thing until recently, so never bothered to take photos of them. One fine day I started a painting of a waterlily for the heck of it, and have been churning out flowers ever since. And after all my iris mania, I have taken so many more photos of the irises over the last few weeks. I even visited a nearby Iris garden and got some really nice shots. I will be starting with many more of these gorgeous flowers, this time from my own references. I can't wait!

Burgundy Iris

Palette Knife on board, 5 by 7 inches
© 2010 Nithya Swaminathan, Germany


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