March 23, 2009

March Virtual Sketch Date

I skipped the VSD last month as I had no time really, and I was not greatly inspired by the image too. I was in a mode where I was churning out still lifes one by one, and was not interested in that landscape image last month. I loved this month's reference, two little birds at a feeder. The colors in the feeder and the birds are awesome. The lighting is great and I loved everything about the image. I am a big time bird enthusiast anyway and love painting them.

Isn't it spring yet?
Acrylics on paper, 8 * 8 inches
Copyright Nithya Swaminathan

This was done immediately after I worked on one of my pear pieces. It was mainly to refresh myself, by loosening up a bit. I did this in about 15 minutes or less, directly painting in acrylics with no sketch or anything. I am not happy with it, I think I messed up the birds badly. They were very cute and I did not capture it. I really want to do another version of this reference, I hope I get the time for it.

This time the submission procedure has changed a bit and we don't need to wait till the 30th to see all the entries. The artists are entering the links themselves using a widget and so the paintings can be seen right now. As they get posted that is. I think its a very cool idea. Check out the entries at the VSD Blog.


  1. Very nice the blues and bt sienna colors. The branches are nicely done too.

  2. I think you did a marvelous job with this. It is loose and full of feeling.

  3. Thank you BMoon and Ffyrebird. I had a great time doing this, working as loose as I could.


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