March 10, 2009

Deep woods – a minor update

In between the apples, I got to work on the landscape for sometime today. Here is an update on the same. I have defined the foliage in between the birch barks a little more so that the trees stand out clearly. I have also started some work on the rocks in the foreground.

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time downloading a fancy template for my blog and customizing it to my liking. It was then that I realized that there were a lot of tweaks to be done in the template, much more than what I had time for. It did not even have the feature to display the post categories. But the biggest drawback however, was that it had images in the background and was loading very slowly. So I decided to do away with all fancy templates and have gone back with gold old denim template of blogger. I have just customized the colors so that they look good with my new header. All your comments are welcome.


  1. Hey Nithya,
    good to see you again! Welcome to Germany - I hope you'll feel at home here.
    I love your birch-painting, it looks beautiful.

  2. Nice one. This finished painting looks wonderful. :) Must be a relief to work on a different subject from ongoing series..

  3. Thank you Martina, nice to see you too.
    Ramana, thank you. And no, it is not finished. Not even close to :) Actually it is not easy to work on a new subject, when all my thoughts are on the apples. Thats why this one seems to be dragging along. Hope to complete it soon.

  4. Hmm.. That's my literacy with acrylics.. :) Looks fantastic anyway..

    With respect to series, i think am the opposite.. I was drained out after i did a series on Lake Louise for VSD and looking for a change in subject..


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