March 6, 2014

SOLD - Sliced, again! - Original Still life in Oils - SOLD

I was so obsessed with the lemons that I was dreaming about them all last night. I wanted to set one up with reflections, based on Carol Marine's idea of using foil. I cut up a sheet of foil and tried to set up something, but the reflections scared the hell out of me. Soon realised that it was not really novice territory. 

Just as I was playing around with some more paper and lemon wedges, suddenly it struck me that I could change the backdrop in yesterday's painting. How about something that was predominantly cool with just the lemons popping out. With this thought, I rushed to my daughter's room to find some purple colored paper, but could find only something blue. I have been wanting to paint some blues for the longest time anyway and this was just right! 

Slightly modified the older composition and this one was put together in no time! I wanted to zoom in on the subject a bit more so that the lemons are bigger. I painted Sliced on a white gessoed panel primed with green. This one on the other hand was painted on black gesso.

Sliced, again
Oil on board, 6 by 6 inches
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I also managed to stop in between every now and then and take some snapshots. Here's a collage of my work in progress. The lighting in each image is a bit different though, please excuse :)
The yellows appear too bright on my monitor, in real, they aren't so bad that it hurts your eyes. They are much more toned down actually! I hope it looks better on yours. 

Here's a look at both the paintings together - Let me know which one you like better! :-)


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