March 19, 2014

SOLD - Right on top - Original Still Life Painting in Oils

I wanted to do one more set up from the old set of slices, that had a full lemon and the second lemon into 4 pieces. Somehow it was not coming together even after spending an inordinate amount of time. Every time I arranged something, it did not feel right. Then I picked up one more lemon and sliced it vertically into wedges, spending a lot of time again mixing and matching. At one point there were so many lemons on my table that I thought of picking up a larger canvas! :-D 

I sort of ditched them after a while and went away to attend to other household chores. I was on the road driving when this idea popped up, that I could simplify the composition instead of adding more and more elements to it. As soon as I got home, I rushed to my studio to set it up and could quickly come up with an arrangement that I liked. Some time away always helps me when things aren't going as expected. I hope to do one more with the wedges on the red background. Hope you like this one! 

Right on top
Oil on board, 6 by 6 inches
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