February 14, 2009

Winter series #5

After that short break with the Orange and Glass series, I am back to the winter series now. Two people walking on Hauptstrasse, Walldorf. With this series, my main motive was to bring about the contrast between the backgrounds and the people. I felt this was somehow lost in Winter series #4, as the whole painting became much more vibrant than I planned. To tackle that, I did a light grey glaze on the entire background with this one. That I felt muted the background well so that the figures stood out in contrast.

Winter series #5
Acrylics on Canvas, 8 * 10 inches
Copyright Nithya Swaminathan

One of the artists at WetCanvas felt that it looked strange that people were carrying umbrellas in winter. So to make the reason explicit, I have tried to indicate in this one that it was still snowing as these pictures were taken and that's why the umbrellas. I have added random strokes to indicate snow, I hope it works well. Everyone except me was with an umbrella I think!

This series is not yet done, I have a few more coming. They might take a while though, my subject for the coming week is some luscious apples and I have a couple of other projects to complete too. So the snow will await its turn.


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