February 7, 2009

Winter series #4

Latest installment in the ongoing winter series. Your comments are welcome.
Winter series #4
Acrylics on Canvas, 18 * 24 cms.
Copyright Nithya Swaminathan


  1. Hey Nitya!
    Loving all your winter series works!...I'm no expert in art, but was just curious to know why you do choose to brighten and liven up the contrast in these?...I guess living in muted "grey" in arctic chill here,I'm just raring to see you capture it as is...with its limited contrasts and endless shades of grey and brown..
    Keep 'em coming.....love watching it all unfold on the canvas!

  2. Hi Nithya, your winter series is a cooling agent to our eyes, esp for us in India :)

    Bright colors to beat the winter blue looks great.

    Nice work .


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