February 5, 2009

Website revamp

I had completely neglected my website last year and it did not contain any of my latest works. I also decided that the look and feel, the texts etc could be tremendously improved and have given it an overhaul. I do not prefer blogs that have a black background as it is not easy on the eyes reading white on black. However, I thought it suited a gallery website well, and I have gone in for a black background. A blog revamp is also on the cards but it is not so critical right now. Looking at the time this consumes, I'll save it for another day.

While Sitekreator offers good gallery features suitable for artists' websites, their template collection for the free package is rather boring. They have only a couple of templates that I found were stale. I then opted for the blank template and did the entire thing myself.

Have a look at my portfolio and let me know your comments, suggestions, critiques or just about anything else.

Among other things, I have made prints of paintings available through Redbubble also. I think some of you would have noticed already that my sidebar contains a link to my Redbubble profile. Since I came across more positive review for Redbubble as compared to Imagekind, I am giving it a trial. Currently, prints are available through my galleries in ImageKind and Redbubble, and I might switch over to only one a while later.


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