February 24, 2009

Untitled landscape - WIP

When I take a little walk around the town, I have this beautiful scenery unfolding in front of my eyes. There are purple hills at a long distance away, and some rows of trees and then grasses. It being winter, the trees are all barren and look lovely against the hills. I spend long hours looking at this and wanted to paint this scene from memory. So instead of taking a photo, I took "notes" to help me in painting the landscape.

I made rough notes of how I plan to structure my canvas, and how much each stretch of land would occupy. All these I indicated as percentages, like 60% of the canvas will be sky etc. Its been a while since I painted a landscape sans any figures in it, so doing this as a break. The apples and glasses are driving me crazy, and I hope to get back to them soon.

What I have done so far is just blocking the various colors with a big brush. The sky needs to be lightened a lot more. Trees will come up on the grassland to add more interest. In the real scene, there are also roads in between and cars moving around all the time. I was in a double mind whether to add those or not, then decided to ditch them. The various colored land stretches look so uniform and parallel now, and it looks really boring. I plan to change that as well going forward. And if I find I am not doing justice by painting from memory, I will always take a photo and complete this well.

Kindly bear with me for posting so many WIPs, I have lost count of the number of paintings I am working on! These will all be completed soon and will come up here. In between all this, I need to get my work done on the Virtual Sketch Date too!


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