June 23, 2014

Red Hot - Original Still Life in Oils

This is one of my "Study in Red" pieces from a couple of months ago. When I painted it, I had for some reason a lot of yellow and blue on my palette and so I mixed it all up, greyed it a bit and went in for a largely green background. And then for the next paintings in the series, I deliberately went in for a green background so that they would look good together. Huh! 

This painting has been sitting in front of me since then, and every time the intensity of colours bothered me. I wasn't sure if the complementary background was working all that well or not. Anyway, since it did not find a new home, I wanted to change a few things. Firstly, I muted the background a lot so that now it doesn't hurt my eyes so much! :-) I also fixed some of the values in the reds. The whole point of the studies was to get better at reading values in red, and this time around I felt I could do a little better. I did fix some things and it is an all new painting now. Hope you like it.

Red Hot!
Oil on board, 6 by6  inches
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