June 14, 2014

May Showers - Original Cityscape in Oils

We were out to Frankfurt on one of our usual weekend trips sometime last month. It looked all bright and sunny when we left, and so we drove off as usual without checking the weather. I live less than half an hour away from Frankfurt, but this was the scene by the time we entered the city. That's how predictable the weather is in my part of the world. While I got really irritated that I could not walk around taking any "summery" pictures, the rains offered a completely new opportunity.:-) 

While we stopped at a signal, I clicked this scene in front of me. It was not the best of references, very blurry and pretty dark. I worked around it a bit and decided to give it a shot. This is the first time that I have painted rain. I have never felt confident enough to attempt rain, but just did not want to miss painting this reference. We did manage to walk around a bit too and I have a few images of people with colourful umbrellas. I hope to paint them soon enough. 

May Showers
Oil on Canvas, 8 by 12 inches
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Painting rain has always given me the jitters because of all the desaturated colour and the variety in greys. This is easily the most desaturated painting that I have ever done. Not a drop of pure colour anywhere. While very challenging since I have a penchant for bright colour, this was also a lot of fun. When I signed it, it did give me a high! :-) Hope you like it too.


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