June 18, 2014

SOLD - Glowing Green - Original Still Life in Oils

An alternate title for this would have been "Racing against the sun" and how apt would that be! I usually set up my still lifes under artificial lights, so that I can go about my work and get to painting in between free slots. This morning too, I was about to do the same. Pull down the shutters and switch on the lights. Just when I placed this jar, however, I had a change of mind. The jar when directly lit in sunlight was so gorgeous that I had to paint it. So there it was, a sunlit still life. 

Now whenever I race against the sun light, I am in a perennial panic mode. My mind only works on that I have to complete it before the light changes direction. I sometimes do not even think if I am mixing my colours right and so on. Several instances today I discovered that my values were a little off and remixed. If I came out of the panic mode and spent time thinking calmly, then I would actually save time on these little things. I am yet to get there. The biggest positive however is that I do not even think of over working my paintings. And that is my main motive to work in this way.

Glowing Green
Oil on board, 6 by 6 inches
There was a clearance sale at a shop in my town a couple of months ago. I went and picked up a loot of these ceramic pieces. I love them. They will be used in more works very soon.


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