June 12, 2014

Late Evening Ride - Original Figurative Panting in Oils

Feels like I haven't painted in ages, though this painting has been in the works for over a week now. I could work on it only intermittently as there have been too many personal commitments, friends visiting, appointments for kids etc. It is like the whole universe comes in the way of creating. Anyway, finally managed to carve some time out today and get this to completion lest I lose interest totally. 

I clicked this biker from atop a hill or something to give me a very different perspective with all those shadows. I wanted to keep the composition very simple, focus on the rider and of course the gorgeous shadows. 

Late Evening Ride
Oil on Canvas, 6 by 12 inches
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The painting is done on stretched canvas and the sides are painted in a neutral gray so that it can be displayed without a frame! 


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