April 15, 2014

SOLD - Split 'em up! - Original Still Life in Oils

I promised more avocados didn't I? Here they are! They would look great hung together, but the first one is sold already. Let me see where this one lands up! :)

Ever since I resumed painting this year, I have gone in for a limited palette in an attempt to improve my mixing skills. I have been consciously working on it and can see the strides that I am making . In all my paintings with a lot of green for instance, there is not a tube of green used. There are only about 4 tubes of paint used in this piece - Pthalo Blue, Cadmium red light, Cadmium Yellow light and Titanium white. The variety of browns and greens one can get with the Pthalo is amazing. Simply amazing! And I am very very thankful to Carol Marine for talking about how useful this colour is in one of her tutorials.

An earlier version of me would've pulled out some burnt sienna, burnt umber and black for that seed. Not now, and never again.:-)

Split 'em up!
Oil on board, 7 by 5 inches


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