April 8, 2014

Behind the beetle - Original Cityscape in Oils

I don't care much for cars, other than to get me from point A to point B. I am not too fond of driving either and don't get behind the wheels unless absolutely necessary. But then, I love the VW Beetle and find it extremely adorable. Such a delightfully cute little car! I have never been on one but drool every time I spot it. 

So a couple of weeks ago, on a very hot afternoon, I was on my way to school to pick up my daughter. When I stopped at the signal, right in front of me was this shiny red Beetle. I grabbed my iPhone and clicked a picture as quickly as I could. Thank god for smartphones! In all my excitement I did not even check if the picture was good enough for anything, for I had to get back into driving mode within a few seconds. All I had was the time in between the signal change. 

Behind the Beetle
Oil on board, 6 by 6 inches
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When I saw the image, it was a real bummer. It was so blurred and out of focus, almost prompting me to ditch the idea. But I could not give up on it so easily. Who knows when next I get lucky enough to spot a bright coloured Beetle on a gorgeous sunny day with shadows and everything else. So I decided to give it a shot, the horrible quality of the reference notwithstanding. The scene is one that I am very familiar with, just down my road. So I started adding details initially based on my familiarity. But then, I changed my mind and I also decided to work it just like in the reference, adding as much detail as possible only to the car and leaving out everything else without much detail. After all, the car is what excited me to paint this scene.

I think I will paint this again on a larger canvas. I have a 16 by 16 sitting in the studio since forever and I might have found the subject for it. 


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