January 31, 2014

30 in 30 challenge - My experience

The 30 in 30 day challenge run on Leslie's blog officially ended yesterday. So many artists I believe completed the entire 30 paintings, that's 1 full painting every single day. Hats off to them really! 

I did not even imagine that I would do 30. What with me getting back to the easel after nearly 2 years and feeling so rusty to start with. I could complete only 11 paintings but I am really happy with the progress that I made over this month. 

30 in 30 days challenge
Paintings in January 2014
Though I did not complete 30 paintings, I painted all the 30 days. That was my biggest success. With an hour or so in the studio everyday, I could complete a new painting every 3 days. And in order to start my day with an hour long painting session, I now get up at an ungodly hour, paint in blissful silence before the morning chaos begins. My days have never felt better in a long time! 

I am able to see a huge difference in the execution between the initial paintings and the last couple of ones. That gives me the confidence that the rustiness is a thing of the past. I feel much better now, compared to the first week of Jan when I felt I had forgotten to hold a brush. 

I also took the time out to sort out my gazillion references, put them into separate albums, manipulate them enough and kept them "canvas ready". So when I just pick out a reference, just start sketching right away without much time wasted. 

Though not 30, 11 is not bad at all for me. And that's more than the number of paintings I did in the last two years. Combined. That's what matters most to me. I really really hope that Leslie does this once again later during the year and I hope to do better then. 

Click here to see the collections by so many artists. They are all so awesome! 


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