January 12, 2014

Buddies - Original Figurative Oil Painting - SOLD

Just as I had mentioned last week, my vacation ended and painting was the first one to take a hit. It is tough to do an entire painting in a day if I have not done any ground work already. And since work began after a two week break, it was hard to devote time for art. I hope that isn't the case the coming week, as I have some sketches done. Let's see. 

Oil on Canvas, 12 by 6 inches
It was a glorious summer afternoon when I took this reference. I loved the lighting and just had to paint it. This is also the first time I think a dog features in my work. I am not very fond of animals in the first place let alone painting them. Really liked this little one though, loved how he was leading the pack :-)

After a really long time, I have painted this one without reaching out to my set of knives. It is done entirely with my brushes and not a stroke anywhere with the knife. It did feel very different, but great fun. And I am going to do this a lot more. 


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