January 16, 2014

From my window - Original Cityscape in Oils

I was working yesterday and was stuck at some issue. It was a rather dull day with grey skies and me working all alone at home, as boring as things can get. I hate the endless grey days with gloomy skies. And when it drizzles, it only makes things worse. So while I was engrossed in thought blankly staring at the window wishing for some sunshine, something lovely happened. For a good couple of minutes, the sun played peekaboo and shone bright and beautiful. All for a fleeting moment though, it was quick to go back into hiding and was never to be seen the whole day. 

It was really an a-ha moment for me! Something that I stare at everyday and thought was decidedly boring, suddenly begged to be painted.:-) So this is just outside my window, the view that I look at while working. These houses and roofs are quintessentially German and this could very well be a view from anywhere in this country I guess.:)

From my window
Oil on board, 6 by 6 inches
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This is my painting #8 in the 30 in 30 days challenge. I am painting only at the rate of one every two days, but I am cool with that. I might complete a couple more over the weekend, I will try. 


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