January 23, 2011

Reading by the lake VI - Impressions of a European Summer

The whole of last week I was working with oils. While it was an awesome break from Acrylics, it was high time I got back to another Acrylic piece :) I tend not to experiment much with oils, as I do with Acrylics. I generally tend to be more realistic with oils than with Acrylics. Anyway, I love to be able to context switch with ease between the two mediums and choose either based on the subject matter and my mood on that day.

Reading by the Lake VI
Acrylics on Canvas, 12 by 10 inches
© Nithya Swaminathan

$200 + shipping, Click here to Buy

With this piece, I started with a green background. I was thinking of doing it on a black gessoed canvas, but switched to green at the last minute. This was my first time with a toned surface and it was good. I might try it more. The background was painted in Olive green and the foreground in green lightened with some white. The figures were painted on this base. The reference was particularly interesting because of how the guy's face and body were hidden behind the grass.

I got some very positive feedback for yesterday's skyscape demo video, my friends loved it. I wanted to try the same thing again with this painting but did not enjoy doing it. Pausing, taking photos and resuming is not fun at all. And definitely not when you are racing against time to work in with the paints before they dry! I also thought the skyscape video would've been even better with some commentary added, info about what colors have been mixed at each step and so forth. That's my plan for the next video.

Hope you like this painting, let me know what you think!

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