January 9, 2011

Dancing feet #21 - New Tango Painting

The original image which I painted this from had the woman's dress in silvery grey. Very shiny and lovely. But I decided to change it to red anyway. If I do an entire painting without red, something feels amiss :-) The first image that Tango brings to my mind is a figurine in red. So there!

Dancing feet #21
Acrylics on board, 5 by 7 inches
© Nithya Swaminathan

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After doing my 300 to 30 project last year, I have got so used to the 5 by 7 size that I am planning to work a lot more in that size. I love my big paintings but there is something very convenient about this size and its proportions. So I raided the art store last week and stocked up on a lot of supplies. From buying in tubes, I have graduated to buying paints in cans now! That alone is sufficient to see the quantum leap in my output. Besides, palette knife painting always consumed more paint :) So going forward, you will be seeing a lot of 5 by 7s interspersed with bigger pieces. Doubt if I'll be painting smaller than 5 by 7, but I cannot talk about that now.

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