January 20, 2011

Golden path - a simple light study in oils

Of late, I have been obsessing about what I suck at and where I could improve and all that. Last week, I was analyzing my work quite a bit and came up with things that need immediate attention and ordered some books that I believe will help me in my quest. I ordered 5 books which were all in the $15 range, but my shipping cost was the highest item on the bill, at about $20! Phew! But then, if I ordered from Amazon's German site, the cost of the books itself was much more and I could order only 4 books for the price of 5. I decided that it is better to order from the US and I am waiting for the shipment which by their estimate will arrive by end of Feb. Sucks I tell you! Anyway, I digress.

Golden Path
Oil on Canvas, 5 by 7 inches
© Nithya Swaminathan

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The aim of this study, as the title says is just to explore light and color. I believe landscapes are the most effective when it comes to studying light. That's quite obvious isn't it?! I hope to do more of these and one of my focus areas this year is to infuse more light and thereby life into my work. I am also looking at whether my weaknesses are irrespective of medium, or whether my approach to a painting is significantly different with Acrylics vis a vis Oils, so on and so forth. Let's see where this takes me.

I have also mixed the palette knife and the brush in this one. The background is entirely done with the brush. I picked up the knife for the brightest foliage though. It gives a nice effect and looks infinitely better in person.


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