July 27, 2009

Pears series gallery

I have stopped duplicating posts between both the blogs as I do not want to spam people who follow my blogs on Facebook or through feed readers. So in Facebook, while in my profile I import this blog, posts in my other blog will be seen only by people who follow my fan page. Now that I have done a dozen paintings of pears, I thought I can just put them together in a gallery format. Clicking on individual pictures will take you to the relevant blog posts.


My new project 300 to 30 is going on great, much better than I expected myself to do! I have so far completed 12 paintings in as many days, and have a couple of more nearing completion. The next few paintings will be landscapes, not necessarily in a series. After a few days though, I will be back to working in a series, one that I am very excited about :-) Watch this space for more updates.


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