July 14, 2009

I am on Facebook now!

I am an active user of Facebook, where I have reconnected with long lost friends from school and college. Something that I had not thought about however, was using Facebook to market my Art. I was not really keen on having a business page there, as I felt it was too redundant, since I already have a blog and a website anyway. But Linda Blondheim, in one of her marketing posts, gave it a whole new perspective. Facebook might help to connect with non-artists who are interested in Art, whereas the blog with all nitty gritties about the process is perhaps too technical for a non-artist. I thought that made a lot of sense and decided to give it a try. Click on the image to see my page.

I was very reluctant to get into Twitter too, in fact I do not use it to its fullest even now. But in a very short span of time, Twitter has helped me connect with more Artists than this blog did in 2 years. There are a lot of interesting links being shared, and I find it awesome. I have also discovered a lot of Artists whom I did not know, via Facebook too. A lot many artists have fan pages on FB and its nice to stumble upon them. And I hope having a page of my own helps me connect with a community that's interested in art, artists as well as collectors.

One thing that I find tedious about setting up the page is that the image gallery has to be maintained by uploading images there. Flickr is my preferred service for hosting my images, and I cannot simply import my images from Flickr to the facebook page. So I have uploaded all the images all over again. The good thing though is that we can have many different galleries so that the images are all well categorized. Since the pages for us artists are all about images, it would be great if we could just import images from Flickr.

I have launched this page only yesterday, so it is too early for me to say if it has had any effect. A few months down the line, I shall probably be better positioned to do a post about it. So if you are on Facebook, please check out Nithya Swaminathan on Facebook, where you can see a big chunk of my completed works. I have also included a fan box widget similar to the followers widget in the sidebar here, please have a look. You feedback is welcome, and thank you for all the support.



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