August 6, 2009

Poppy fields gallery

I have put together all the paintings of poppy fields over the last week. It was complete fun I must say! Started the first one with as much details as I could, and as the series progressed, I tried to loosen up more and more, and have reached a stage where I really like the last painting :-) Let me hear from you, which one do you like? Couple of them are terrible, some are passable I think :-) It was fun nevertheless. Clicking on each image will link to the original blog posts in my other blog 300to30.

I have some big canvasses lined up next, they were almost forgotten in all the time I have been working small. I am thinking of restarting the dancers. And on the small painting front I think it is going to be more landscapes coming your way.


  1. My goodness, you put a LOT of work into these series! I am impressed. My favorite here is the one with the most purple mountains (#6?). I like how the painting is almost divided by the horizontal waves of purple, red, and green.

  2. Lovely work Nithya! It's hard to pick a favorite. And I love the 300 to 30 idea...very fun!

  3. Incredible how devoted are you to poppies!
    No wonder, they are beautiful.
    Very nice works! I'm enjoying seeing so many on a single screen!

  4. aRt, Thank you! It is always interesting to see what appeals to different people, #6 was one I felt looked a bit "incomplete". Thought the purple needed a little muting. But I was too lazy to rework it, and just let it be :) Thanks a lot!

    Michelle, Thank you. Yeah the idea is fun, and mainly aimed to help me be a bit more regular in my studio :)

    Rodica, Thank you for stopping by! Have always loved poppies, just got to paint them only now, since I am generally scared of flowers :) Thank you very much for your lovely words.

  5. Great concept of 300 to 30. You put in a lot of hard work here..I am glad to find your blog. Lovely paintings..

    Color Pencil Drawing: Lord Krishna with his mother

  6. I am sure every artist loves to paint poppy....i guess its the color n shape of the flower that draws evetry artist 2 paint them....I have a quite of few of poppy collection in my sketch bok....watercolors, pencil...will add them on my blog in the coming time! urs is beautiful !


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