November 16, 2008

Some exciting news!

I just had my first ever S-A-L-E!!! Not an original yet, I just sold a print of a painting on Imagekind. Still, what the heck, its a sale and I am rather thrilled. This is not the first time I am making money from my art. I have done private commissions, and I am also a published illustrator of a magazine. However, this rather miniscule sale is the most precious to me. That's because this is the first time I have sold something that I did for myself. Not something that a customer wanted me to do, but something that I wanted to do. The confidence this boosts up is quite unimaginable I should say. Something I did not feel even when I landed a dream job! Be rest assured I am not getting carried away, but I have this new wave of self belief instilled in me and that cannot be denied. Someone willing to pay for my art, I tell you the feeling is priceless!

This is the painting that I sold, and my gallery at Imagekind is here. I am adding more images to my gallery, keep checking it from time to time. If you find any image on my blog but not available as a print, please feel free to mail me and I will make the same available.

Moving on to other things, I have just started another still life from life. I contemplated again about the sketch and then paint approach, but decided to try another approach this time. I am painting directly from life. It is another attempt at fabric, lace this time. That is for another post altogether, and that would be tomorrow.


  1. I like your blog.

  2. Nithya, amazing works of art!! You're so talented. Congrats on your first sale. I cannot believe you're donning so many different hats and still excelling at all of them. Kudos!!

  3. Congrats...Keep the good work going :)

  4. Hey! Congratulations!
    So it has started. The dream of combining your passion and profession. Good! Keep going. Wish you all the success.

  5. Wow Congratulations, Nithya :-) I am so happy for you:-) You are doing a wonderful job!


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